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this is me becoming, becoming whole once again [entries|friends|calendar]

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[11 Dec 2006|03:39pm]
huh. it seems i have to pay to be able to post pictures, is this true?
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the simple evolution of a lover. [08 Dec 2006|04:05am]
the simple part is
an eraser
upon your head
to start then with your eyebrows
its evolution
down to your eyelids
so i cant be tricked
scratching really hard
im angry now
and shaking
oh its not alright
well there goes your head
and your torso
away go your beautiful piano hands
i stopped for moments
and contemplated
was this the right thing to do
but if i drew you
youd come to life and i knew
how youd move
and youd forget about me
i created you
its alright
yeah its alright
rubbing down to the legs
scratching frenzy
now you have no shoes
now you have no lines
now you are just manila
staring at what used to be you
oh that beautiful hair is gone
the eyes but i can still see a line
erase in a frenzy
youre gone now
youre gone
and its alright
i created you
i created you
and you couldnt exist
you didnt want this world
and you didnt want me
its alright
because now you are gone forever.
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cleanse fold & manipulate [17 Apr 2004|06:37pm]
it rained in sheets yesterday
wind violently blowing around
my candles, nefertiti head, religious
figurines, and vines sticker
(he must be angry with me)

today it is growing colder
as the little sparrows
brown and fragile in all their
trusting glory
chirp to me songs of lost love
and redemption

we drank liquor under umbrellas
and practiced model walking behavior
the anxiety attacks will occur
if we get what we are after

im watching the sun go down out my
second story window on barry
the cubs lost today
droves of people, drunk and angry
no cheers and rooting
sports baffle me

on tip toe i can see the city
the tops of antena towers
lit up white, at night
the flowers blooming
dafadols, tulips, its spring frenzy
as all the dwellers of their
cramped houses deside its best
to come outside to play

(it is mating season after all)

and i watch you, silently
from above, wondering where you are
when the thunderstorm tantrums come
lighting up my life.
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first postcard saying [12 Apr 2004|10:02pm]
[ mood | alive. ]

Never Apologize,
never give reasons
or answers
never ever even wonder....

Just Move On.

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i am a superstar. [12 Apr 2004|03:03pm]
to answer, no this wasnt forgotten, i just havent been working on any sort of projects. this is more of a project journal than anything else. maybe it will become a friends only "corys dirrrty secrets" diary sort of thing. im not sure.

but for now...

im stealing an idea from invisible monsters.

in it, they take postcards from the future and write down little slogans, just stupid things, and then throw them down from the seattle space thingy. anyway, taking that idea, im going to make a bunch of random postcards, art postcards, and put sayings on them, whatever comes into my head. then im going to take the postcards and place them all over the city. on them i will write something to the extent of, if you find this, please go to this lj journal and let me know, or send me a postcard back, and ill include a stamp. something random. i want to see if people pay attention to things. if they will follow directions from a random person that theyve never met. this will have some sort of clever title, this wonderous project. im just not sure what.

but i think im gonna go work on the postcards now.
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and then he crashed, like a silver winged thing falling in front of my eyes.... [19 Jan 2004|03:16am]
[ mood | numb ]

i worked on some painting stuff.

and im pretty unhappy and not in a good mood.

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