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this is me becoming, becoming whole once again

& ill stomp on each individual snow flake and make it my own

23 December 1980
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she said,
what do you want "27 names for all of your tears?"

yea so this is me. i dont know this new me. i lived off and on in chicago for the majority of my 'adult' life. then the last two years were spent doing too many drugs, being surrounded by people who really didnt care about me, and me, i just wanted to numb myself from the deaths of my friends. you know, it really fucks you up when people die on you and they are young. what else can i say? i moved back home after another car accident where i hit my head, to try to get my life together. i was alone and lonely and i have been ever since. i sometimes think i am one of those people who is destined to be alone forever with her cat. not something im excited about, and especially since my cat is 15. but perhaps that is just because i am in small town michigan and there isnt exactly a place to meet anyone like myself. for the past year and a half i have concentrated on sculpture, throwing, and the art of manipulating clay. i really love ceramics because it allows me to get out my feelings. really i love making things in general and if you are a friend of mine, chances are you will eventually have a package arrive with something handmade inside. i am a big fan of all music but i am happiest when in motion - somehow i learned to dance, and thank god for that. i go to demf in detroit every year, and im happiest there. i love to travel on trains. i like planes but trains allow you to meet the fucked up pot smokers and the kids who drink, and i once fell in love with a boy on valentines day who gave me a smog cd on a train. im full of stories like that.
i will soon be moving to portland, or. im kind of nervous about it, kinda excited. ive never lived so far away from everyone i know, and it will be so very nice to make a fresh start. i plan on changing my name a bit, and maybe ill turn into the girl i always knew i could be.
other than that, im a writer by nature, and id like to think im a damn good one. one day i will write that book.